The year of the “Man-Cave”

I hope everyone had a great holiday season. This New Years I did the unthinkable and I turned my computer off for the first three days of 2016!

While I was back in the physical world, I took sometime to think about what I want to accomplish this year. Although I know it is not the most original or useful subject for a blog post, I hope you’ll at least find it interesting.

Building a Man-Cave

One of my of goals for this year is to create a “Man Cave”. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, man cave is a term used to reference a place to cut things, hammer things, burn things, break things that work just fine, and fix things that aren’t broken.

I’ve had this goal for a few years now and have been slowly gathering the tools to make it happen while looking for a good place to build it.

In my man cave I plan to have tooling to work with wood, plastic, metal, clay, glass and stone.

Last year I collected some basic steel milling tools and a few essential wood working tools. Once I have a location to build it, my first project is a furnace which will double as a forge.

When I tell people about my man-cave the first thing they ask is, “what are you going to make”. Then they give me a strange look when I reply, “Good friends, fond memories and new experiences”, but honestly isn’t that what life is all about?

Logical CMS Status

As I mentioned in my last post, another goal for this year is to release version 1.0 of Logical Content Management System (CMS). There is still a lot of work to do, but I’ll be giving a weekly status report as part of each post from this point forward. So you can keep track of the progress.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Logical CMS project, it is based off of a fork of Joomla CMS version 3.x, and aims to reverse the damage done to over the years while unleashing the true potential of Joomla.

I’ve decided to maintain backwards compatibility (BC) with Joomla 3.x series for the first major release. Because this will give extension developers time to learn how the new component layer works and create a clear migration path for the next major version.

That being said, since core components will no longer be part of the backward compatibility promise, third party extensions that are using core components classes directly could break.

However since no serious developer would create such a direct dependency, this shouldn’t be a problem for 90% of the extensions out there.

Luckily the new component layer provides several methods of inter-component communication without direct dependencies,  so the other 10% should be able to resolve any issues quickly.

if you’re interested in contributing to the project, let me know. Although I can’t promise you fame or fortune, I can promise that you will be treated with respect and dignity.

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Born in the Rocky mountains of western Montana, Mathew now lives in Japan where he is the active "Crazy Foreign Guy" of a small town in the Tohoku region on the main island of Honshu. He is a father, a husband and a hopeless dreamer who believes that it is better to fail at life than to never try to live.

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