Hope for Joomla!

Thank you to everyone who read and shared my last article. I know there are some of you out there that didn’t like my assessment of the state of “Joomla!”

This is understandable, because when someone talks critically about something you care deeply about it can hurt. The fact that people still care is evidence that there is still hope.

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to be talking a lot about Joomla and most of it is going to hurt, but I hope that you can see that everything I write is in an attempt to secure the future of Joomla and resolve the issues holding the project back.

I believe that being positive is important, but not when #JPositive is used to avoid addressing serious issues within our community.

he only way to reach our full potential is by accepting our imperfections and seeking continual improvement.

That is one of the many lessons I’ve learned from Babel-University.

Even though I’m not a Joomla extensions developer at the moment, I still care very deeply for the Joomla project and sincerely hope that we can get back on track.

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Born in the Rocky mountains of western Montana, Mathew now lives in Japan where he is the active "Crazy Foreign Guy" of a small town in the Tohoku region on the main island of Honshu. He is a father, a husband and a hopeless dreamer who believes that it is better to fail at life than to never try to live.

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